What to do next?

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Well, I've come to a point in my career where I really need to start working towards my degree. I plan on enrolling at WGU for BS:IT-Sec, and I will be transferring in roughly 40 credits. Hopefully I can fly through my degree because I feel like not too much information will be new or prevalent.

My real concern is that I'm not sure what I should do after I'm done with school. I'm currently a Network Controller for a global ISP. For the most part, I really enjoy the type of work I'm doing. I feel a bit torn on whether I should just drive on and shoot for my CCIE:R&S, or if I should start my journey down the Service Provider track. I feel pretty timid when it comes to the SP track because of the lack of material that I can just go to the local bookstore and readily buy. I've always had some sort of OCG/FLG that I could just go pick up, and be pretty set as long as I did plenty of labbing. I haven't had to piece together snippets of websites, or blogs. I'm not sure how to really track my progress this way either.

I guess I just wanted to get a feel for other peoples thoughts that are in the Networking arena. Also, for people who have certified in the less common Cisco tracks, what was your experience like? Thanks for any tips/advice.
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