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Sat this exam yesterday. I have to say I kind of felt like Tommy in Shawshank when I hit the submit button but passed with an 807. Right off the bat I got hit with a sim where you have to look at logs and determine if there was a hack attempt and determine what actions to take. It took a lot of time and more than likely I got that one wrong. I had 4 other sims 79 questions total and hit submit with 5 min left on the clock after 10 min of review on about 10 questions. Some of the questions are worded so vague you really have to read them several times to figure out what exactly they are asking and the answers were no help but I could usually eliminate 2 answers no problem.

I used Professor Messer videos and the Gibson book Get Certified Get Ahead.

Not sure what is next. I should probably upgrade my 03 MCSE at some point since that is a bit outdated. Might just go for MCSA the 70-417 route then decide which direction I want to go. Been looking at CCENT/CCNA, Cloud and VM as well.


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