VMware Workstation - To buy or not to buy?

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I'm considering to purchase VMware Workstation for my personal use but I'm surprise that it's subscription based?! Or did I go to the wrong page? icon_sad.gif


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    I think you first need to ask yourself what features you need in VMware Workstation that aren't present in VMware Player or Virtualbox.
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  • chopstickschopsticks Member Posts: 389
    Actually I'm considering to subscribe to Cisco VIRL but it needs VMware Workstation in order to work properly.
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    Where did you read that VMware Workstation is subscription-based? Once you purchase the license key, you unlock the product (the version you bought) for unlimited usage. It's true that you can buy a subscription (Support and Subscription) for support, though, which also acts as a form of software assurance that may make you eligible for a free upgrade to the next major release of the software.

    As to the question: If you can spare the money, for sure. It's a great all-round product. I use it often for small-scale home labbing.
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    Player is free for personal use. Workstation has features which you may or may not find useful.
    There is a comparison table at VMware Player Pro: Compare to VMware Workstation 11 | United States

    Believe you can download a 30 day Workstation trial from vmware.com.
    When you install Workstation, Player is also installed.
    Why not give it a try first? And if you do decide to buy, wait till Black Friday to see if they have any discounts. They had it for Workstation in 2013
  • chopstickschopsticks Member Posts: 389
    Thanks, elTorito & Mike7!
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