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anuj_123anuj_123 Member Posts: 7 ■□□□□□□□□□
Hey Guys ,

I am studying 70-687 windows 8.1 exam , however i am not sure what the best resource for practicing labs?

If anyone has any pdf /resources for labs , your help will be appreciated


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    culpanoculpano Member Posts: 163
    Best is install Oracle VirtualBox on a Windows PC and create virtual machines. Ideally one VM being Server 2012 R2 and two VMs with Windows 8.1 Enterprise. Download the evaluation versions off the Microsoft site. You can then lab as much as you want to ! Alternatively install the eval version of Windows 8.1 on a PC and use Hyper-V to create the VMs. Then you get practice on how to use Hyper-V.
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    dan101dan101 Member Posts: 33 ■■□□□□□□□□
    HI culpano

    I saw your post on techexam regarding Virtual PC Setup? As I read deeper into Hyper V or setting up Virtual Labs, It seems you need this type of feature in your CPU Or Processor called "SLAT"


    I also found this cool utility called"Coreinfo V3.31" which suppose to find this feature the Hypervisor, SLAT

    Here's a small note? from the Technet website:
    " [FONT=&quot]A number of people have reported simple having problems running Hyper-V on a Windows 8 client as it requires SLAT to run Hyper-V."

    not sure why I am going into this detail, I got less than 2 weeks to get or obtain the WIN 8.1 70-687 exam, and hopefully the 70-688 to get the MCSA. Is there an alternative to this or an interactive website that you can setup labs, I remember Career Academy on the CCNA course had some type of virtual labs that you can interact with and type commands?

    Dan101 (Aplus, Aplus101) for some reason I got many username?

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