SMB Signing

Hi people, i have a question about SMB signing. I sat the 293 exam yesterday and had a few questions on this. i think i understand what it is for but when i try to test it on my home lab nothing happens! Have two servers running 2003 and a client running XP. Can anyone tell me how to set this up so i can see what it is actually doing????

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  • Ally77Ally77 Member Posts: 212
    To follow up on my first post, i have noticed something happening after trying to figure out what SMB signin was actually doing!
    I have a parent and a child domain and an XP client which is connected to the child domain!!I applied a GPO to an ou that holds the XP client computer account and configured it as following:

    Microsoft Network Client:Digitally sign communications (always): disabled
    Microsoft Network Client:Digitally sign communications (If server agrees): disabled

    I refreshed the policy and even after a few reboots nothing appeared to be happening. Suddenly now tho when i went to access a folder on the DC for the child or parent domain i get prompted for a user and password which fails (the username and password are def correct).

    Is this a because the SMB policy has suddenly become active and if so why did it take so long??
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