Advice regarding switching career in InfoSec domain

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Hello Everyone,

I need your guidance with regards to switching career to Infosec domain. I have IT background with 8 years experience in IT Helpdesk management (Non technical). I want to switch and continue my career in infosec domain now. Would request you to suggest career path and the best certification to start with.

Thank you.


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    CompTIA's Sec+ is a good certification as you start out. It shows that you have a good understanding of the fundamentals around Information Security and can speak the general language. Later you may consider exploring something more specialized. You'll also learn quite a bit about the field as you study.
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    Try studying for a foundation Infosec certification like Sec+ or SSCP in order to gain the foundation to take you forward and (if you live in the US) might give you a route into the DoD at an initially base level, and also knocks a year off the requirement for CISSP and CISM/CISA!
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    SSCP->CISSP->infosec role.
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    Security+ is my recommended starting point.
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    Technical: Sec+>CEH>OSCP (Also look at GIAC certs)
    Non-tech: Sec+/SSCP>CISM>CISSP

    It really depends on what you want to do. If you like networking you could also do:

    So as you see it really depends on what you like about security.

    Greatest ROI certs I mentioned: CISSP, CCNA:SEC, CEH in that order

    But it all really depends on what you like. If you have an idea of what you like about security we might be able to give you a better path to follow.
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    The Comptia roadmap for Information Security is useful for a broadish look at certifications, which you can then explore a bit more deeply.

    The GIAC roadmap is useful for describing the various specialities within Info Sec. There's technology centred paths like network defence, or penetration testing or secure programming. There's audit paths. There's forensics. There's incident handling. There's management. There's a whole legal compliance and governance angle as well. It is a broad field.

    The Security+ is useful also to get an idea of the lay of the land and breadth. Some areas might be more appealing than others.

    Quite a few universities offer Master (even Bachelor) level qualification in Information Security.
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