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Hey everyone. I wanted to know the best book for the ICND2? I have the Odom books, but I heard its not to good for the second half of the test. Although it was good for the first part. Any recommendations for ICND2?


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    Do you also have the Lammle book? I read that he covers STP better than in the Odom book. In any case, I would keep supplementing those two books with videos from the likes of Kevin Wallace, Chris Bryant, CBT Nuggets, any of those and since it seems like there's a lot of configuration you need to do for ICND2, it seems to me that STP is one of the biggest topics that you really need to know cold to do well.
    Working on CCENT and nearly almost there. Retake in December and pass, then after that, study for ICND2 and work on CCNA Security and look into Microsoft certifications. No previous IT certs.

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    Thanks buddy. Ill take your advice and go with Lammle book. CBT nugget was good with me one the first exam, I just wasnt sure on doing it for the second exam. I still haven't looked into the Kevin Wallace videos, I'll take a look at it.
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