Retook CEH using ProctorU and failed (AGAIN)!!!!!

Fidellz254Fidellz254 Member Posts: 19 ■□□□□□□□□□
I just recently took the CEH with ProctorU and I must say that wasn't to bad taking the test in the comfort of my own home. I actually made a 68% on the exam just off by a few questions. Now doing the test this was there's no way to flag your questions you want to review as soon as your done with the last test question. I feel this was my down fall cause there was a few i just answered to move on to the next question because I felt I was spending to much time on the question and I was going to come back to it but without my questions being flagged I couldn't remember what questions need a extra look. I have already bought another voucher because I felt I could of easily made a 70% but I know EcCouncil will make me wait 14 days to retake the test


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