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Hello everybody! This is my first post and I'm glad I found this forum!

I'm moving toward finishing my degree in IT & Business. But the problem is that all the courses I've had so far are not "in-depth". I'm aware that specific knowledge i have to gain myself. So I got CCNA Routing and Switching cert this way. But that is not enough. Many employers ask for good knowledge in servers too (HyperV, Active Directory, Exchange and so on). I have zero experience in this field. I bought a book MCSA 70-410 Cert Guide R2: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 (Cert Guides) by Don Poulton, but was shocked how complicated it is from the start. A few pages and all those new notions that i never heard and they are not even explained there! Command start from the start too. Are you system engineers know all those commands? Are you really working with command lines only like in Core version (as opposed to GUI version)?

What books will explain from scratch what are servers and how they work? That is the most basics. The book after reading which I can jump to the next book I bought already (MCSA 70-410 Cert Guide R2: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 (Cert Guides) by Don Poulton)

Thank you very much!:)


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    Good question.. lots of book assume u have experience. Some books give u an introduction in a section called "who should read this book"
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    If you are absolutely, 100% new to the world of servers, I would first recommend you start labbing to figure out what stuff is and how it works together on the most basic level. Configure a file server, setup shares, connect to those shares, etc.

    You asked for reading material to help you along so here are a couple of suggestions... Actually one suggestion and then something to consider.

    Introducing Server 2012 R2 (Free)
    Free ebook: Introducing Windows Server 2012 R2 - Microsoft Press - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

    Secondly, it may be worthwhile to look into the Windows Server Administration Fundamentals: MTA Exam 98-365. It is supposed to be the most basic, introductory course on managing servers. I haven't looked at the MTAs myself but I imagine it is the most basic starting point.
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    I agree with poolmanjim!!
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    Have you considered doing the MTA first? Its like a beginning certification to give you a entry level overview of things. You might check out the MTA 98-365 exam.
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    Hello folks! many answers here already. Now I have checked already your suggestions and already considering this book:

    [h=1]Microsoft Windows Server Administration Essentials: A Guide to the MTA Exam 98-365 by Tom Carpenter[/h]
    Microsoft Windows Server Administration Essentials: A Guide to the MTA Exam 98-365: Amazon.co.uk: Tom Carpenter: 9781118016862: Books

    Hope it will explain all the notions. Need to find some videos too. I see that MSCA is way more difficult than CCNA (and even CCNP)
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    Hi folks! My previous post is being moderated or something (like if I was a spammer). Hope it comes back in a moment.
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    (No, it didn't)

    Thank you for your suggestions so far. As suggested, I will consider MTA, particularly this book:

    Microsoft Windows Server Administration Essentials: A Guide to the MTA Exam 98-365 by Tom Carpenter (even though this is Server 200icon_cool.gif

    Also i need to find some basic videos.
    I never expected MSCA would be more harder than CCNA, but it is. Much more complicated.
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    I would think if he can learn the CCNA with out previous experience, he could understand and get the MSCA. I've studied for both and think the CCNA is a lot more technical.

    As far as knowing commands, that might be most technical part (hardest part) to learn imo. You will need to learn quite a few commands for the MSCA. But if you really want to understand the material that is a big part of it.

    Looking at the book's table of contents of the one you already purchased, I would suggest just keep pushing through! The second chapter is where you actually install the server and get to see everything for yourself hands on (assuming you are going to lab while reading the book, which you will have to do). Once you start playing around with it, it will make much more sense!
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    bohackbohack Member Posts: 114
    The MTA is a walk in the park compared to the MCSA. You can pass the MTA with minimal study and the Microsoft Windows Server Administration Essentials 1st Edition book is a good book. The MCSA 70-410 requires a synthesis of knowledge if you are looking for a video series please check out my channel on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/networkedminds. Good luck

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