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a question that is thrown at me from the BOSON db is"

"which backup type saves all files and folders since the last backup of any kind"

whats the obvious answer.


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    Looks to me like something is missing in the question.

    If not, answer has to be Full backup. Full backup is the only kind that saves everything without a qualifying "changed" or something to that effect.
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    Sorry, but posting complete questions from other sites is not allowed. Those (especially from Boson ;) ) are copyright protected, so I had to edit your post.
    which backup type saves all files and folders since the last backup of any kind

    If there is supposed to be "changed or created", you could say: none of the above, because the "last backup of any kind" can be a differential one, and then there's no way of telling which files are changed or created (thus archive bit marked) since that backup (because a differential backup does not clear the archive bit...)

    But... a Full/Normal backup includes all files, hence also those that are changed or created since the last backup of any kind..., so will an incremtental or differential backup... just not 'only' those fies and folder created or changed since the last backup of any kind. icon_wink.gif
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    well, they said. incremental....

    dont get it.. i thought it would be full.. "saving all files and folders"
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    May I be so bold as to say, they must have somehow entered a typo.
    The sentence structure seems too awkward to not be an error.

    Nobody(even a whole bunch of somebodies) is perfect, so ignore it and reread your study guide(s) again concerning types of backups. Your study guide(s) should agree with each other and with online study sites.

    Best of luck with your continued preparation!
    "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!"--Rafiki
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    if it's incremental, then the word "changed" was left out of the question.

    Still wondering how this question ended up in Network+. ;)
    I'm not a complete idiot... some parts are missing.
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    i believe the BOSON software goes beyond the context of the CompTIA exam..

    is this also not on the exam or sometihng??
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    As you can see I included it also, but I have to admit the first part in the part Disaster Recovery, is much more important than the Basic backup types and the archive attribute. But the basic backup types are an essential part of the basics of disaster recovery (which is primarily tape backups) and might show up on the exam in one way or another icon_silent.gif

    But it is not even likely, that you'll be asked what type of backup you should use or how many tapes you need for a restore. Such questions are more typical for 70-215 Windows 2000 Server and probably in Server+ as well.
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