Excellent STUDY GUIDE!!

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Hi Everyone,

Our team has created an excellent set of 1,000+ CISA study guide questions available at https://isauditcert.com/

Use this guide to PASS THE CISA EXAM!!!!



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    We like free stuff here :) as we already spent lots of money on exam and official material. It would be good if we can see some sample pages and questions.
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    We definitely understand that budgets are tight, but that's also one of the reasons we created this question bank/study guide. When we were studying, we felt there was a lack of helpful question resources without having to pay $150+. We put a decent amount of time into creating a clean looking question bank. For $19.99, we felt this was a fair price for 1,000 questions.

    Keep in mind that the question bank difficulty is easy-medium. The exam is meant to help candidates stay refreshed on materials. It's a great resource whether you plan on studying for 2 hours or 15 minutes. While not perfect, the question bank can be opened on mobile devices as well. The answers are included on the page after the questions. I can't figure out a clean way to upload an image or example, but if you email us at cisastudyguideatgmaildotcom, we can certainly send you one.

    Also, if you're in tight spot and really need this question bank, please reach out to us and we might be able to work something out. We felt that the listed price was fair for the time and effort put in, but we were in your spot once too.

    *Disclaimer: I helped create the question bank/study guide; Also, the question bank is not associated with ISACA.

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    Did I miss something? All I see is a guide for $19.99 which I am sure it violates dome advertising rule here.
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