CompTIA Website is a maze.. where are my Certificates???

aidan80aidan80 Member Posts: 147
I'm having some serious issues with the CompTIA website and maybe one of you can help. I sent it in a ticket but I need a transcript asap. First thing I tried this on two computers on two different networks. I logged into the site (in Chrome) it told me my password was bad so I go to reset it and it gets stuck in a loop on the password reset page? I try it in IE and it resets my password this time. Now it **** me into my profile. A profile that in Chrome or IE I can't update or change. It goes through the motions but saves nothing, always stuck on 93%.

Anyway what I'm after is my transcript and certificates. I click on "Certifications" and get dumped into another page that looks like a full spread advert for CompTIA. I've been through every menu there and nothing. I even googled it it says click on "Certifications" tab which I did.. full page advert been through all the menu's again and nothing? So I click on "My Account" (it **** me into it asks me to login again. Which I do only now it says my password/username is bad and nothing, I mean nothing works. I can't reset it and can't get in. The sheer levels of frustration is unbelievable.

Any suggestions or advice. I don't understand how this worked perfectly a few months back but now I've got nothing and they've changed the site so much I can't find anything.


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