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Hi everyone. I am new to this board but I have been lurking for a couple of weeks and soaking in knowledge. I am beginning to study for the CCENT and have the official Odom books but am more of a visual learner. I am looking hard at the Udemy courses but not sure if the Chris Bryant or the Lazaro Diaz classes would be a better option. Does anyone have any strong feelings that one is a better option than the other? I am also open to the idea that purchasing classes from both might be a good path. Thanks in advance for any advice.


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    They have free preview. see how you like and at 10 dollar it cheap.
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    I used both Chris Bryant's and Laz's courses. They're both good in their own right. Laz helped me get started with Packet Tracer since I had no idea how to use it at the beginning and he has a great teaching style. Chris tends to get in more detail about the topics but at times it could be a bit of challenge setting up my Packet Tracer labs to be like Chris's when I was labbing as I was watching his videos.
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    Got Chris Bryant's course recently for a bargain price and I am impressed so far, he has a lot of information in there- I've not taken the tests so can't explain how useful they are for that though sorry. From a purely learning perspective he covers a lot.
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    I used Chris Bryant for my CCNA and using him now for my CCNP. I highly recommend it.
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    I am using the Chris Bryant CCNA Sec course right now. I've also bought his CCNP R+S course (cheap).

    He is fairly good at delivering the material, not too dry. One problem I do have with the course, is that it is just him talking to the materials and demonstrating. It would be nice if there were structured assessments, and practice labs "Now you try" kind of stuff. So, it's not really a whole integrated package. I'm not sure what the CCENT/CCNA classes are like. But if you are going to really learn, then you will need to supplement with other materials also, which is a common practice anyway.

    Depending on your networking skills, I also highly recommend the Cisco Academy training provided by Authorised Cisco training centres. It is probably the best vendor training course I have come across, and better quality than some college/university level courses tend to be.
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    I've watched Chris Bryants videos, CBTNuggets, and then INE, and honestly Chris Bryants videos are at the bottom of that list. They are cheaply made, in the fact that he has just power point slides, and no whiteboards where he can actively show you any diagrams, so he can be hard to follow. The only advantage to using his courses on Udemy has, is that you get a nice discussion board, in which you can find a small amount of extra info. It all really depends on how much you want to spend, and or pirate. As CBTNuggets and INE are expensive.
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    If it helps, I purchased Laz's CCNA videos on udemy in the sale and really like them. He's engaging and gets the point across well. I'd recommend him, though Chris Bryant's vids are well worth watching too as he covers alot.
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    Chris is a great teacher, used his stuff for the CCNP and it worked a charm - so good I dropped the OCG for Switch and used his videos and E-Book!
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    Chris Byrant's content is great and very informative. I highly recommend him.

    If you prefer a more relaxed learning, CBT nuggets does a great overview of the course.
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    I bought the Chris Bryant "CCNA 2015 200-120 Video Boot Camp" a couple of days ago and don't know if anyone else is having the same issue as I seem to be experiencing. On numerous occasions Chris says something like "between these two switches, and then when we add this switch" suggesting that he's actually pointing to the switches he's talking about. Thing is, I can't see any pointing going on, so you have to work out what he's pointing at based on what he's saying. It hasn't been a huge issue but might be in later videos.

    I'm on a Windows 7 pc and have tried viewing in IE11 and in Chrome as well as downloading the videos and watching them in MediaPlayer. All three methods are the same. Can anyone see him pointing? Check of the start of lecture 28 which is the example I've used.

    Other than this I'm finding them quite helpful. Having already covered the topics using Todd Lammle's book it's nice to revise the topics by sitting back and watching these videos. I've understood some bits better hearing Chris talk about them rather than reading them but I've only watched 15 so far so a long way still to go.
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    Im using chris bryant's bootcamp as well, tbh at the beginning I couldn't really learn as much as I am learning now from him because of his style of teaching. I have a better understanding of what I'm doing now and I owe that to jeremy at cbt nuggets, jeremy really got me through the beginning. he is engaging and I like his energy and quirkiness. Cbt nuggets is expensive though but worth it imho. I use both the vids and will probably continue with my subscription for another month. the videos have helped me out quite a bit alongside the lame book. I still have much to learn however.
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    Thanks guys. I think I am going to do both but probably start with Laz.
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