CCIE Lab 2nd Attempt !

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icon_sad.gif Just to let you all know that i am dissapointed as i just failed my lab the 2nd time. Took it yesterday and got the results at night. Just thought i'd share some experiences with you all. Kenny and others going for the lab better.. pay attention on this..on..

Basically the lab wasn't really difficult, but the wordings was meant to KILL you. There were no DOC CD SEARCH funtion, and basically the questions were Nasty ! I can't explain very detail else i'd be violating the NDA.

Briefly there were questions... topics on IPv6 routing, support for Voice, 802.1X... etc.

However there was one question which i did not manage to finish due to reason that it cannot be done without violating the common restrictions. You would know that during practises, where we are always.. told not to use a certain feature unless specified.... but having that mentality it WRONG! Read the instruction, if it does not say DON'T DO, then the possibility is there. Verify with the proctor.

i have more to say but... i have to stop now.. as i need to get some dinner...

One thing for sure is that i SHALL NEVER GIVE UP!!!! I WILL BE BACK in this few months time for another attempt.....

Good Luck ! everyone..
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    Im sorry to hear that you didnt make it. Sounds like you had a failry bad experience, I thought the DOC CD Search would be available have they removed that or has it always been that way? I know the website changed.

    Do you think you pretty close? and given the same lab again would u make it?
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    sorry to hear that but you have gained even more knowledge and experience so i'm inclined to say your going to get it on the next go round icon_wink.gif

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    I'm even more sorry to see that you posted a topic sharing tons of copyright protected material including books and cbts, as well braindumps! icon_mad.gif

    It always pisses me off to see people **** their way through IT certification exams, but really... for a wannabe CCIE it's just flat out outrageous. If Cisco knew you were distributing dozens of Cisco press books, they'd make sure you'd never pass the lab.
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    Uh-Oh that's bad.. thought there was a saying no to **** in here... Crap, just remembered my former officemate.. WILL be seeing him on the lab :D
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    Divulging any details concerning your lab exam is against NDA and not cool. Don't do it.
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    You should know how to navigate UniverCD for the CCIE Lab so that's your mistake. My personal experience was that most of the wording is not vague but rather clear. I'm not saying that some questions are not vague but the exam as a whole is not written to trick you. The proctor(s) should be able to clarify any of the ambiguities for you.

    +1 with Turgon
    You should not be divulging your exam topics.
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    Somehow these threads from 3 years ago keep getting dug up icon_wink.gif
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    Yes, but the message it represents still rings true!
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    Now I know to always check the date!
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