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I want to build a collab home lab, but don't know what to purchase?


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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FGJab29LOM Probably overkill, but it might be a starting point.
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    ccna not ie. Can someone please help on here? Would I need a server to run jabber, cucm, etc. Or just routers switches and phones?

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    Since no one has replied yet I can share a little info as I'm almost finished with my IP Telephony class. We currently use 2811 routers (with FXS card for POTS phones) and 2960 POE switches. You can use non-POE switches, you'll just need to provide power to the phones. For phones we use the 7940's which are a little older but work fine. One of the labs require the use of an NTP server were we use an additional 2811 to act as that. Towards the end of the class, our final exam is to be able to place calls over a WAN. Since there is a substantial cost for a T1 line to do that, we just simulate a WAN using serial connections (WIC-2T) to other racks of equipment. Usually we just connect up to another students setup of a 2811, 2960 and phones.
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    Just looked over the requirements looks like for CICD all you'll need is a vm machine that runs

    CUCM 10.5
    IMP 10.5
    CUC 10.5
    POE switch
    2900 router/t1-e1 card

    It doesn't mention version 10.5 but I seen the ccnp collab is using 10.5 so its very likely that will use the same version as well. Phone models 7962 or 7965 and 9971w/camera. But going by the syllabus for 210-060 you'll be working with cucm admin tasks nothing else. Looks like you won't get taught how to set the network up to get it ready for voice just admin the endpoints.

    Its mostly describing the technology. It doesn't look realistic to buy any of the required hardware as its too expensive.
    Cisco Unified IP Phone 9971
    Cisco DX650
    Cisco SX20 Quick Set with Cisco TelePresence Touch panel
    Cisco Edge 340 DMP
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