GIAC GREM Practice Tests Request

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Hello, I am new to this forum. This site was recommended for all certification prep questions. I am looking to take the GIAC GREM certification in a few weeks. I am preparing by reading Practical Malware Analysis, Malware Cookbook, and The Art of Memory Forensics, as well as reversing and malware analysis blogs. I have taken the 2 practice tests, and even though I passed, I wanted to get a better score before attempting the real test. I was wondering if anyone passed the certification and had an unused practice exam available. I did not participate in the recommended SANS course, so these practice tests will help me identify which areas I need to improve on. Please let me know if there is any interest in helping, it will be greatly appreciated.



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    Sorry to broke your bubble of hope, just want to highlight doing extra practice test is going to cause negative effect. The questions you answered wrongly from previous practice test would reappears in subsequent practice tests, and thus resulting in your score getting higher each time you took it. Also practice test question banks are really quite small, you should do great for the exam if you had passed the practice test on the first try, good luck!
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    How was your score for those practice tests?
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    @LionelTeo thank you for the information.
    @cyberguypr 81 and 74.6, took the 2nd test closed book. Not as good as I would like to do.
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