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Just want to add to the wealth of information on here for others to benefit from and to help them on there way to get the cert.

I read through Darril Gibson's book Security+ SY0-401 from front to back. I also used ExamCram Security+ for the questions and supplemental info along with professor messer's videos. The process went: read the book, take sample tests, review and study what I missed, take another DIFFERENT test, review and study what I missed. I did that a lot over and over again till I ingrained these concepts in my brain. The test is going to give you situational questions, scenarios, as the course objectives list. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of every objective item that is listed in the course objectives is crucial. Learn what the items are, what are its strengths and weaknesses, are there any vulnerabilities associated with this system. The more you know about whats on the course objectives the better off you will be, which kinda goes without saying. I recommend getting different books or using other sources to learn more about a certain objective to give you a different perspective and maybe gain more in depth knowledge about a certain system.

There was a lot of guys I tested with that didn't pass or barely pass because they didn't take it seriously. Out of the 17 people that took the test only 8 passed. Some of those that didn't pass included guys that been in the industry for awhile. Soooo... STUDY!!!!

I hope my experience helps anyone trying to get there Security+ cert. The test is tough, but study hard and you will be fineicon_thumright.gif. Now time for CEH.


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    I just passed today too. I got an 848.

    I'll be honest, I thought I failed it. I had 6 simulations, 2 of which i barely understood what the goal of the simulation was. I went through the questions, and felt like the material I reviewed did not cover them in depth enough.

    I picked up the Sybex book about this time last year, and gave up studying about 3 chapters in. I didnt feel like i was learning anything, i felt like everything was over my head, so i gave up. In October 2015 i decided to get through the book, read cover to cover, passed the practice exams in the Sybex book, and then went out to the internet to take a few more practice exams. I bombed them all, i failed every practice exam I took outside of the Sybex book.

    I came here and found people praising the Gibs book, and Professor Messer. I spent the rest of October and November reading the Gibs book, cover to cover, as well as Gibs practice exam book. I reviewed some of the Professor Messer videos, a lot of them were too brief for me to feel like they were valuable, so i picked and chose topics i felt i had no understanding of. Last night i combed through a few more on 2x play speed, just for a refresher.

    The test was hard, very hard, i still felt like I didnt study enough as I was going through it, and i was totally prepared to have to retake it. About 40% of the questions i instantly knew the answer to, about 30% i could deduct the correct answer, and on 30% of them i couldnt narrow it down, and I took a 50/50 shot in the dark.

    After the initial pass through, I re-read every question again. Completely changed my answers on 2 of the sims which gave me quite a bit more confidence, and i ended up changing my answer on about 12 different non-sim questions. I walked away with an 848!
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    Congrats guys, what's next?
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    Nice job!
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    I'm going to start pursuing CISA or CISSP next, I'll have 5 years relevant experience in June 2016!
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    Congrats!! icon_cheers.gif
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