HELP on Debugging a network

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Hello People,

So, I have an assignment for my University which I am kind of stuck and I would appreciate a helping hand from any kind person out there. The concept is to debug a network which has some faults into it using packet tracer. I have managed to connect the PCs with the switchers as you can see but some of them refuse to communicate with each other.

- Can you please enlighten me on this? Is something that I am missing?

Eventually I would like all the PCs to be able to connect with the Servers and all the Servers and network components to be able to connect with the PCs.

I haven't touched the routers yet as I would like to sort out the Switchers that are connected with the PCs.

Thank you very much for your time.

PS 1. I have uploaded the packet tracer assignment on MediaFire here
PS 2. The PCs are already configured.


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    From a quick check:
    -Several notebooks use as the default gateway but the router does not have this address configured.
    -Floor-2 switch interfaces are not configurated in the right vlan

    start by correcting this issues
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    I am happy to answer questions directly tied-in to what you've done and told us about, but honestly I'm not going to download your file. If I do what you ask then I'm not helping you learn, I'm doing it for you.
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    Thank you both for your answers both Alceo and TWX! As I said I tried to concentrate more on the switchers by creating the VLANs. Alceo I will have a look on the VLAN configuration again thank you for pointing that out.

    -TWX I would like to understand on how this will work and I would appreciate a feedback from you on that. I completely understand what you are saying and I agree on that, I just need a little push and some help. Thank you very much for offering your help!
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    I can't connect Man3 notebook with the switch. It is on the right vlan (vlan 1) but for some reason it will not ping with dev3 for example. Although Dev3 can ping Dev2. I don't know what I do wrong. I can't see any fault in the configuration of the switch. Can you please help?
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    You need to bear in mind that all of those hostnames are completely meaningless to the rest of us. I may as well tell you that Comstock with VLAN255 can't ping Jay but Hartford can.
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    The proper show commands would help and employ proper vlan configuration and check your router.
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