A+ Materials/Overview?

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I'm new to TechExams and to certifications in general. I have my Associate's Degree in Network Technology, but I'm a relative novice. There is an A+ prep course that was a requirement for the degree, but the professor I had did not follow the book or any approved curriculum, so I thought it best to just start fresh.

Can anyone recommend the best (in their opinion) study guides for A+ 220-901 and 220-902? How much time should I allow myself before taking the test? A month? Two? Finally, are there any free materials worth using? I see TE has some, and a lot of people use Professor Messer videos.

All in all, I just need some help wrapping my head around what's needed to get my first certificate. Any help is appreciated.


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    So how well did the practice exams on here help you? Are they still good to work with or are they outdated? I'm just looking for the best tools to prepare me to take the 801 & 802.. Pls help with any suggestions guys!
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    For folks with experience, they tend to use the Exam Cram or Passport books to help review and become familiar with terminology and such.

    Likewise, I would start with a copy of the objectives since this will outline anything/everything that may appear on YOUR exam.

    If one needs more practice, then go for the gold standard of Mike Meyer's All-in-One or the Sybex book. These two are the longest running and most through texts out there consistently. There have been others, some copycats and some shorter versions, but I prefer and recommend Meyers. Sybex I like better for Sec+, but they have a decent A+.

    There are no short-cuts in getting prepared. It takes work, practice and persistence...just like it does to be a good tech.
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