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Hello All,

So I will be studying for the ICND2 in a month or so, My company is selling some gear and the only cisco item they're selling is a ASA 5505, If i can get this for lets say less then $100 is it worth getting for a CCNA lab? or are firewalls beyond CCNA? I will want to get past CCNA but that's down the road

if not for the ICND2 is it worth just playing around with it to see how it works?

Thanks everyone!


  • quickman007quickman007 Posts: 195Member
    The CCNA doesn't get into firewalls. I'm pretty sure only the exams in the security track cover firewalls.
  • TWXTWX Posts: 259Member
    It's not needed for CCNA.

    Either way, GET THAT ASA if it's really only $100.
  • monorionmonorion Posts: 82Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    awesome thanks for the input, kinda figured it's not needed for CCNA but hey it's always good to have these to practice on

    Thank you!
  • theodoxatheodoxa Posts: 1,340Member
    Not needed for CCNA, but nice to have. I am currently using one (along with a Cisco WAP connected to one of the 2 PoE ports) for my home internet.
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    You won't need it for the R&S track..especially CCNA/CCNP. If you plan on going Security relatively soon...$100 is a pretty good deal depending on the license it could be a great deal. Other than that it will not benefit you towards certification.
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