Failed the 802 Exam

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I just recently took the 802 exam and I got a score of 680 unfortunately icon_sad.gif. I don't think I spent enough time studying and many of the questions were scenario based which is what mainly messed me up. How should I prepare myself this time around? Any studying tips? Would be much appreciated. Thanks guys.


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    ElGato127ElGato127 Member Posts: 130 ■■■□□□□□□□
    The simulation section was what had me worried too. If you have full admin access to a Windows system and good backups (data and recovery disk minimum), practice away. I didn't have this luxury (linux at home), so I kept myself to safe commands when practicing on other people's machines. Just relax and take a day or three to play around. Expect a command prompt scenario and a control panel scenario (Easy for them to set up and lots of potential questions).

    What I had to do in the absence of a lab machine was to watch Professor Messer and Lowell Vanderpool (the most underrated A+ lectures around).

    You only missed it by 20 points. A few days of labbing and videos should fix this. Good luck.
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