New CCNA coming out in 2016 ?

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I got onto perason view's website to try to schedule my CCENT and i tried 4 different test centers in my area and all have sparse picking for ICND 1 100-101 to schedule a test well into next year. In addition some of the test centers are not even scheduling after
January 2016. So I was wondering if a new version of the CENT & CCNA is coming out in 2016. It's been 3 years since the last update ( 2013) Anybody else running into the sparse scheduling time frames being given at the testing centers in your area ?
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    You would be the first that I've heard of such a thing.

    When I signed up for my 200-120 test a month back I was able to pick any time, any day. No rush at all.
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    Agreed with TWX.

    Sounds like the website is broke :]

    I bet if you picked up the Phone, and called your preferred site.... they'd schedule you in with No problems.
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    Pearson Vue got hacked so I am lots of things are messed up. Even if a new exam were to come out, Cisco gives like 6 months to complete the old exams before they retire.
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    The last CCNA (640-802) ran from 2007 to 2013 (6 years). Despite what a certain training site has claimed, Cisco does not change the CCNA every 3 years. I wouldn't expect another CCNA until 2019 or so.

    As for the website issues, that might have to do with them being hacked recently. From what I've read, their Certification verification system is down.
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    You shouldn't use test schedules as any indication. My testing center doesn't gave anything scheduled past Dec 31
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