Journey from Support to Solution Architecture


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I want to hear from others that have made similar journey's. Especially in the Public Cloud space. I started out at a Call Centre doing Customer support for HP Laptops/Desktops and now work as a Senior Cloud Infrastructure Engineer in Wellington, New Zealand.

I had hoped to be promoted to a Cloud Architect position but was turned down saying that I did not have enough experience and there is still time. While I completely understand that I want to be able to bridge the gap while waiting for the next opportunity.

I typically on a daily basis deal with customer requirements, basic design of architecture and process for migration / infrastructure deployment primarily on Amazon Web Services. I also deal with the implementation of infrastructure components and configuration management solutions. I have a background in Windows / Linux System Administration so i also deal with any teething problems on the OS level. I have a short but deep security background around Firewalls/Identity Management/VPN's/Encryption/Threat Protection etc so I happen to work with customers that are skewed towards very secure locked down environments.

I however lack basic development skills. I intend to pick up one language and go slightly deep into it. My current choice has been Python due to the resources available to me and a general understanding that it is very useful in the SysAdmin / Public Cloud line.

From a Business / Shareholder Engagement point of view I have average skills around dealing with customers and doing the pre/post sales cycles. I intend to improve in this area as well. I hope to be able to do more of this while also dealing with the project management of the engagement in general.

Advice/Feedback always welcome!

I hope to use this thread as a placeholder for my journey to Cloud Architect and also for a place for others that may be going down this line.

For anyone that wants to know. I primarily work with Amazon Web Services for a Consulting partner based here. Small company of 10 with 6 Consultants out of which 5 are Cloud Architects (They each have at least 5-10 years more experience than I have in development).
Work In Progress - RHCA [ ] Certified Cloud Security Professional [ ] GMON/GWAPT if Work Study is accepted [ ]


  • chanakyajupudichanakyajupudi Member Posts: 712
    Currently working on the

    Amazon Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional certification which I just failed today with 60%. Hoping to attempt it after working on the weaker domains in a month or so. I also intend to attend the training from AWS later next month.

    Working on getting the RHCA this year - I am attending the CL280 (OpenShift Administration) exam later next month.

    CCSP is a stretch goal. I hope to receive the book late December or January and work through it over the first few months of the year.

    GMON in May if my work study application is expected. Using this to recertify my GCIH/GSEC.
    Work In Progress - RHCA [ ] Certified Cloud Security Professional [ ] GMON/GWAPT if Work Study is accepted [ ]

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