Working in England - Citrix/Microsoft Enterprise roles

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Hi all

Just wondering if any of you out there works in enterprise roles doing Sys Admin/Consultancy/Senior Infrastructure type roles.

I currently work with Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop/XenServer and NetScaler technologies and some job postings for these technologies in England advertise much more salary than what I am on so it got me thinking. Currently I work in N. Ireland.

Do any of you work with Microsoft technologies in an enterprise environment or even better Citrix technologies deploying and managing/consulting to large/medium customer/internal bases?
What's it like salary wise, opportunities, perks?

Ideally I want to specialise/continue to specialise in Citrix, working in large environments. This is currently what I do, managing a medium sized Citrix farm I am the lead engineer/technology owner. I get to deal with the escalated support calls which is rare as they are mostly resolved in Tier 1/2 so I spend most of my time managing, configuring and upgrading the environment.

If I do a quick job search for similar Citrix posts in England I am getting salaries such as $75k-$90k, which is much more than my current $50k role


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    It is a real mix in the UK. Both on technology and salaries, you can see some jobs offer £45k, for like a Senior Network Engineer, you can then see a very similar role for a Network "Consultant" offering £80k. The key is to get in with the right company.

    Microsoft is in all of the enterprises, in my experience for VDI/app delivery it's always Citrix or VMware View for the enterprise deployments.
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