Passed CCDA (11/20)

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I passed, but I didn't like the exam. I'm not really sure how to describe it without breaking NDA, but some of the stuff from the ARCH FLG was on there while it wasn't covered very well in the CCDA OCG. The exam wasn't really too technical either. It was easy, but I didn't like it. A few of the questions seemed a bit misleading as well.

I started studying for my CCDA and CCDP last October. Procrastination at its finest. Did I mention that I didn't like the exam?

I read the CCDA OCG and ARCH FLG over a year ago. I just re-read the ARCH FLG to refresh my memories
There is a lot of information in the ARCH FLG, and it's an enjoyable read. It isn't specifically targeted to one area of networking, and it gives you the basics of a wide variety of technologies.

On to some videos to help with my ARCH studies. Scheduled for December 4th
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    So, I noticed in chapter 5 of the ARCH FLG, that the Figures are wrong. The text will reference lets say 5-31, but the actual picture is Figure 5-30. It can really throw you off if you are visualizing something mentally and then you go to look at the reference and it is completely different or off topic. I don't know at exactly which point in the chapter this starts, but it's annoying and goes on for 20+ pages.
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    Congrats and good luck on CCDP. Being that the expiration for the soon to be expired exam is December 14, I'm sure you're a little nervous at the moment!
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    Congrats on the CCDA!

    Have you looked at the new Nuggets ARCH with Jeremy Cioara?

    Also, I see that Boson are recommending their CCIE written product as prep for CCDP. I think I'm going to use that. I'll probable get my ass handed to me on multicast and MPLS, but...

    I'm currently studying for the CCDA.
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    I'm very nervous about taking the CCDP. It will be one of the few exams I take that I feel underprepared for with the short timeline I have.

    I haven't watched the CBT Nuggets. I figured reading would do me the best for this kind of exam.
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