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Hi guys originally I am a sales guy but this profession is not what I love I love computers and networking my issue is kinda complicated so I will take your time so bear with me please.
I quited my studies in 2007 after doing fsc I went to sales because of some circumstances I wasn't able to study plus I have epilepsy so quitting was the only option I had anyway time passed on and one of my biggest delights is that now its over recently and I had a fresh start again so I have time and health to focus on the things I like.
I need some suggestions I am thinking of doing bs in comp science after that I liked software engineering but I don't know about the scope of the subect plus will it grow in the future my next option is major in comp science since I like it to but I heard its a dead subject plus by the time I finish it in another six years the subject has further detoriated so I have query on that to.
My next part of the question is which certifications should I focus on as the most popular ccie certifications will probably lose value in the next couple of years so will be at a loss then .
I am not thinking of doing any job as I will be a part time student and part time in sales for another13 years .I am 27 now and I want to build a solid resume and truly master my profession because I got lot to learn so can you guide me in the long run.
I was a brilliant student and I have a good memory .pretty please)
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