Anyone have a forensics class recommendation? For cheap-ish?

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I've been trying to get myself and a coworker some forensics training that will lead to certification for credibility in a courtroom setting. Long story short, I have to keep the cost to $4999 or below. Over $5000 requires putting out an RFQ. That rules out SANS, which is a huge bummer. Testing fees will probably be left up to us.

I know this is a long shot, but are there any other paths in that price-range that will provide training at least somewhat comparable to SANS FOR408? I have access to CHFI through New Horizons. But... that's option C. Better than nothing, but I'd rather have something more substantial.

I've been all over the web. Can't find anything. But my Google-Fu chi may be getting weak in my old age. icon_redface.gif


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    How about the CCE? I think the training is under $3k and the cert is somewhere around 300-400.
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    Man! Great advice! I forgot all about that one. I guess it's because I rarely see it mentioned on TE. I think that it may fit what we need to accomplish, for the most part. I will definitely dig into this one further, especially since they have an online version of their courseware available. Thanks!

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