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Has anyone taken one of these and had them work for the entire exam. Every time I have tried the camera has stopped about an hour into the exam. I have tried with a different webcam ( 1st was the webcam WGU sends, second was built into my laptop.)
Once I was at a hotel with a decent wifi connection. Once at home with a 20Mb down/ 5 up connection. Last time at work with 900Mb connection. Same issue the test is still going but camera stops and they make me stop. Wondering what kind of camera, computer and OS people are using where they have had no issues. My local test site is always booked weeks to months out so online proctored would be ideal.


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    Trust me it's not your stuff. It's on there side all the time. They have issue all the time i know we had connections issue when I tried it myself. I have about 50mb speed and they still had issue. After 30 mins of trying they finally figured it out.
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