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Failed with a 771 and the passing score was 790. I am really upset. Mostly at myself for not following my own advice I usually give to others before the exam and that is to review the blueprint before the exam. I read the OCG and the FLG 3x each and low and behold, my exam had topics the books barely covered or didn't cover at all. Looking at the blueprint now, sure enough, there they are. I thought I nailed the simulations, but with such a low score, I'm sure I goofed somewhere. I labbed hard for this exam. I think I can do all the 101 CCNP Labs from the Simplified authors in my sleep. Same for the Ciscopress labs.

I also bought Narbik's CCIE foundation workbooks and did all the EIGRP,OSPF,Redistribution, and BGP labs many,many times. I am rescheduling for the earliest possible date which is next Tuesday the 8th. I am walking to the bar later and I will drink my misery away.


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    Sorry to hear that...I do feel your pain. I failed SITCS a few weeks ago. I couldn't go to the bar to drink my misery away, I went home and cried myself to sleep instead. ;)

    So close though. I'm sure you'll nail it next time. Good luck!
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    Victory! What a difference a week makes with the blueprint. I basically hit the blueprint hard and spent about 50-60 hours just studying topics I wasn't 100% comfortable with. 942/1000. Word to the wise: don't put all your faith in the books.

    Since I already passed SWITCH, next up for me is TSHOOT. I have read a lot of suggestions to take TSHOOT as soon as possible, but it's been almost 5 months since I passed SWITCH. So what I'm going to do is start off by reviewing SWITCH material and doing the relevant labs. Then since I already bought them, I will read FLG and OCG TSHOOT. I have a lot of things to complete at work before the new year so I'm not sure how long it will all take, but I hope to sit TSHOOT somewhere in early-mid January.

    Again I will be walking to the bar with a much better reason to drink tonight :)
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    Awesome! Congrats!! Yes the blueprint is your friend as you now have come to understand. Good luck in the new year finishing it up!
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    Nice turnaround. Onwards and upwards for TSHOOT!
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    This is great news. Congrats Koz.
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    Wow koz--nice turnaround indeed! Congrats and good luck on your next exam.
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