Didn't Pass but question on Sim's

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Hey Guys,

Well I was sort of bummed but not really, here is what happened to me.. my time ran out!! with that being said my score was 730 at the time of it running out and I think I answered about 60 of the 90 questions hard to tell exactly because I was shocked that I didn't get a warning of any sort and the janky equipment that the test center used it was hard to see the text because it was sort of off screen like the resolution was slightly to high. I'm going to call to find out exactly how many questions I answered before it stopped with that being said here is my question for those that have taken and passed or have taken it multi times.

Can you skip the simulations and mark them and come back to them? That is what tripped me up the most. And it was hard to see the "mark question button" because the monitor was too small and the res was too large so I want to confirm if you select "mark question" and just hit the NEXT button on all the simulations can you take all the multi choice and then round back to the Sims after? If I can answer all the multi choices I think I would pass even if I didn't answer any of the simulations. This is just a **theory** of course because they don't tell you exactly how much each question is worth but I would feel more confident answering multi's then doing the sims and running out of time again.

PS: Or any tips or sites that might have simulations because all the books I have (Gibsons and Prowse) don't cover the same types of in depth sims and unless you are a network admin (which I'm not) I'm a sysadmin you are going to spend a lot of time trying to figure out the diagrams etc..




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    Can you skip the simulations and mark them and come back to them?

    Yes you can. As far as simulations, I just used the Prowse simulations and also tried out the testout.com simulations as well. Gibson's simulations were alright. Also, if you are having problems with the testing environment during the test ... speak up!
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    wow $300 down the drain. did you go through the course objectives line by line? thats what I did and I passed with 20 minutes to spare. In my opinion thats the only sure way to pass this exam. It took 2 months of studying to go through it
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