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So I finally decided to buckle down and go after the Network+ cert. I just signed up for prep courses at my local community college (Mesa Community College). I started reading Mike Meyers Passport book for Network+, it is fairly easy to understand it is just a lot of info.

I wanted to see if people had any tips for me to help me better prepare for the course and exam. I start the course in January.


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    Download the N10-006 objectives from Comptia's website, then watch professor messers free youtube videos and tick off each objective as you understand the video. The objectives are the most import tool you need, along side books and videos.
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    I don't know what your background is but most people shouldn't need a college class for this exam. Unless you are brand new to all these networking technologies. I am currently studying for this exam as well, let me know if you have any questions about the material and I'll be happy to help.

    As you study the book and the course, identify which topics seem really confusing to you and write down their names or objective numbers. Try to fill in your gaps as much as possible and be sure to take practice tests online when you feel you have around 90% of the material down. I believe Mike Meyers has some good practice questions in his book if I'm not mistaken. Another good site to bookmark is examcompass.com and crucialexams.com

    Also if you start feeling really confident about the material later in the class and you start feeling passionate about networking, try studying some Cisco material on the side.

    Good luck and have fun!
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