CCNA Wireless vs Security

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So at my college I'll be taking CCNA 3 and CCNA 4 during Spring Quarter. And I was wondering after I get my CCNA Routers and Switches, would it be best to just do personal study towards CCNA Wireless, or just go for CCNA Security?

Or should I just keep pushing toward CCNP Routers and Switches?
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    Do the R&S first, then go towards CCNA Wireless. There's a lot of people in Security already. I am also planning to go CCNA R&S then CCNA Data Center then CCNA Wireless, skipping Security, I am not interested in it.

    Are there any published numbers for various CCNA holders with current certs?
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    Not sure, but why data center? Is there good demand with data center?
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    Security is easier for self study, Wireless is nicer if you have hands on. Apparently, there's a good amount of overlap between CCNP R+S and CCNA Security. The Wireless stuff is a bit more intense at layer 1/2 since that's the bit which is most different. There also some security in Wireless.

    Some people find it easier to keep the momentum going, by going from CCNA to CCNP R+S. But other people say it helps much more to have the hands on experience, so wait between CCNA and CCNP to develop more experience.

    Do you have any particular interests in one of those areas?
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    Go with whatever you have to work with or want to work with.
    We were deploying all new cisco wireless solutions, so I went ahead and did the CCNA Wireless
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    What are your goals? Really depends on what you want to do and the reason you're trying to get these certs. If the next step in your career requires one then go for that.
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    My goal is Network Engineering and perhaps branch into cyber security, but from what I keep hearing, is the less and less value CCNA -Security holds vs the other security certifications.

    I really want to know about all faucets of networking if I can, which is why I want to do CCNA Wireless, but the issue that I'm having is that outside of hospitals there isn't much Wireless networking going on currently, and projections aren't the greatest for it, still.

    But I am hearing a lot of people wanting video and voice, but I have no idea how I'd set up a home lab for that outside of IP Phones...

    So I am really looking overall at the Wireless.

    I know I need to get my MCSA regardless, as it's the most in demand for anykind of server work, and I've yet to find a networking job add that doesn't ask for it.

    Networking side, CCNA-Wireless would be all that's left aside from my CCNA R&S to get the rounded knowledge base for networking, as Net+ material I've gone over, my CCENT official cert guide covers information way better. Making it feel like it'd be a huge waste of money to grab my Net+ in addition to CCENT.

    As far as CCNA Wireless, I have no idea how I'd start beyond the official cert guide for it. Are there any packet tracers available/open source I could get a hold of for wireless "labs"?
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    Well, two things. One is that with Security+ and CCNA R+S, CCNA Security isn't that much more work. If you are going to be in a network role, it might be worth the couple of hundred for test + book/s. It's certainly something that is pretty doable on your own without much resources.
    The other is that Wireless is hard to lab for without actual gear. The reason is that a lot of it is at the lower layers, which are hard to simulate. You probably could get CCNA Wireless without much hands on, but you might have to ask what is the point.

    For generic wireless, there in the CWNA. My books are still waiting to be delivered, so I can't tell you much about this. If you are really interested in wireless, it seems to be a better route to take. And it flows into CWSP which deals with the whole security thing and wireless. All very interesting stuff.

    If you really want Network Engineering and are curious about going down the Info Sec route, then CCNP R+S is probably a good thing to aim for. If I were to make up a Network Security program, I'd probably include CCNP, CCNA Sec, CCNA Wireless, and Security+. Probably CWNA and CWSP as well. And maybe some GIAC, like GSEC GCIH GCED. Somewhere along the line throw is a little ITIL and Cobit, and something that looks like CISSP and CISM. But there's Master's programs that might be cheaper, and they have the huge advantage that they will give you a Masters.

    I think at the moment, you are on the right path. Get your CCNA R+S, and then see what looks good next. The order probably isn't terribly important. Just keep moving and you'll get there.
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