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Do the individual specialist exams expire? As in you have to renew them, or do you keep it for life?


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    That's the million dollar question that no one seems to know.
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    Unless explicitly stated, assume the MS exams are for life. Some of the MCSD and MCSE require recertification at 3 years, but in general, you get certified in a technology once, and then get certified in the new technologies as they come along. EG Windows 7, Windows 8.

    MS hasn't pursued ISO compliance for its certifications, and that is probably the biggest driver behind the recertification requirements that most other certifying bodies have. The ISO compliance lends them a certain level of legitimacy, and can get them on to lists of "approved certifications" for government. MS is so big it probably doesn't see the point.

    There is a question about the new "windows 10" exams, since they do not explicitly say "Windows 10" in their titles. Only one is released so far, and the other is still in beta. Neither mention a recertification requirement. It is possible that these exams will continually update while Windows updates. There are rumours that Windows is moving to a more agile release cycle, so it would make sense that the exams reflect that.
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