Upgrade APs IOS with WLCM in 2800 series router...

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Hi Everyone,

I'm studying for my CCNP Route test but took time off to play with a wireless project in my house.

YEAH! I got my 1st wireless controller up and running perfectly with the help of


However, I've got one issue that has me a bit perplexed. I've upgraded my WLCM to code. Next, I wanted to upgrade my APs (3x 1142n and 1x 1041n) to 15.x code.

I used a tftp server and issued the command from the console on the AP...

ap#archive download-sw /overwrite tftp://<TFTP-server-address>/<filename>

It worked great! Extracted a bunch of files, deleted the old ios, and rebooted. I saw 15.x booting up... YEAH!

However, once the AP rebooted and reconnected to the WLC, it downloaded an old version 12.x of the code and installed it and then rebooted with the 12.x ios. That's crazy!

How can I upgrade my APs to 15.x? Can I upload images to the WLC to disperse to the APs automatically?

NOTE: The reason I'm upgrading the AP ios is because there's a bug in the older code connecting to the chromecast devices that I have in my house.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Your friend in Virginia,
Paul Laudenslager


  • ptlinvaptlinva Member Posts: 125
    Okay, I figured it out. It seems that with my version of wireless lan controller module (WLCM) that goes into my 2800 series router, you can only upgrade the IOS to a certain version. I did that... However, the version of the IOS on WLCM determines automatically what IOS version you run on the APs.

    Therefore, if it's the wrong version, the WLCM will download either an upgrade - or downgrade - the IOS on your AP to conform to what it expects.

    Okay, so now I have to go buy a different wireless controller. Any suggestions? I was looking at the SM-SRE-900-K9 that goes into a 19xx/29xx/39xx series router.

    Thanks again for everyone here on the lists!

    Your friend in Virginia,
    Paul Laudenslager
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