Exam format for 70-410

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Hi guys :D

I would like to know what format the above exam is in please?

What I mean is, is it like the CompTIA exam's where you have a lot of multiple choice questions which you can flag/review etc or is there a more practical element to the questions?

The CompTIA exams had 100 questions each apart from the Security+ exam which had around 66 I believe. How many does 70-410 have?

Thank you guys for your input icon_cool.gif


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    Microsoft publishes a rather comprehensive listing of what to expect as far as question number, type, etc. I suggest looking there for the detailed and exact information.


    Microsoft MCSA tests range from 40-60 questions using varying test formats. It has been more multiple choice but Microsoft is working in some newer question types that test more of the practical knowledge.
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    I just find it strange when you have up to 150 minutes for the test yet there are only 40-60 questions...

    I am saying this comparing to CompTIA exams of course which is 100 questions over 90 minutes...
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    It's a lot harder than Comptia tests.
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    byron66 wrote: »
    It's a lot harder than Comptia tests.

    Could you be a little more specific?

    I will be taking my first Microsoft Exam next week and I just want to be as prepared as possible...
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    No seanpcrowe, no one can be more specific without being in violation of their NDA, please do not ask our members to jeopardize their certification so you might get ahead.

    Proper information has been provided for you already. The link from poolmanjim and your experience should get you on the right path. Pickup a corresponding text or two to assist in your studies. Good luck.
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