CHFI Exam Content Question

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Currently studying for the CHFI exam to cover a requirement for my Bachelors and use for masters at WGU later on...and my employer is paying for it.

My question for anyone who has taken the exam is if there were detailed questions regarding the software EnCase. I've been skimming through both the All-in-One and Official book from EC-Council and they both make mention to it but no sections dedicated to it. However, when I took the free assessment on EC-Councils website I hade 5 very detailed questions asking for specifics about the software. Questions like "In such and such widow pane there are several tabs for viewing specific file content, which tab provides native format support for such and such software?"

If I need to get a copy of the software and really study it I will...but I'd prefer not to.


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    Didn't have a single question regarding EnCase on my exam. The practice tests I used from WGU were very different from the actual test. They had numerous questions over Encase. I would be familiar with the basic functionality of the program, but you don't need to know it inside out to pass the exam.
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    I used the Syngress CHFI study guide. Chapter 14 covers EnCase.
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    Thanks for the info!!!
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    Same with CS, not a SINGLE question about Encase on my exam either.
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    ablindsey wrote: »
    Same with CS, not a SINGLE question about Encase on my exam either.

    Good to hear!

    I'm signed up to sit for the exam next Monday the 28th. Trying the web-based proctoring from my personal computer this time instead of driving to a testing hopefully it goes smooth.
  • mstd0nmstd0n Member Posts: 63 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Just an update if anyone cares, I passed the exam today and didn't see any questions related to EnCase.
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