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So as I am closing in on my final prep for Switch I have been thinking a lot about where I stand with my knowledge of routing topics. I took the older version of the route test and passed back in March of last year. The plan was to to get NP completed 100% before the test update however in the middle of moving on to my switch studies my wife and I had our first child and that threw a serious wrench in my progress. I'll admit I got lazy at some points and really drug my feet getting back into it. Now I plan to finish Switch and NP all together (soon).

So... with that said I am a bit worried as I have created a bit of a knowledge gap with routing topics over the time between taking the test and the fact of the test that I previous took is now decom'd. I have also heard though TSHOOT is the easiest and "most fun" test of the bunch and people usually jump immediately into the TSHOOT test after completing both routing and switching. However since I do have a bit of a time gap between my Route test and my current Switch studies I am worried I need to take some time to go back into route review (or go into serious studies again?)

Now I have not completely fallen off the wagon either. My job is a NOC role and I am exposed to routing and all the other technology flavors of networking on a daily basis; I still understand the fundamentals on a strong level. I just think there may be some items I may lack to consider as I don't go as deep as the route studies take you on a daily basis.

I understand too that TSHOOT won't test me on the nitty gritty topics like the route and switch exams do so I know I don't have to get that intricately deep with route review but I am wondering to what extent. I am honestly and mostly concerned with IPv6 topics, I hear the new route test is MUCH heavier on route topics and I rarely ever deal with IPv6 stuff on a daily basis.

I guess what I am ultimately wondering if I should pick up the new route book or if the TSHOOT prep book will suffice after completing switch. I am all for learning new stuff and if the IPv6 stuff is pretty deep then I might just take the extra time to thoroughly read the new route content and learn from it but if it might be more of a time hog I want to consider a more efficient way of finally completing my NP once-and-for-all.

Thoughts? (I understand too it might be a loaded question as nobody here knows me as well as myself but I'm just trying to get some ideas of what people's experiences yielded them)

NOTE: I have 3 Route books at home that covered the old content, so I have plenty of content on hand already just not the new stuff
Currently Studying: IE Stuff...kinda...for now...
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    I did switch(old) first then got interrupted too. Did Tshoot(old) without much difficulty using my RL exposure and very little Route content read besides ccna things. If I've heard correctly the new Tshoot is the same topology as the old one so probably not much difference if any. Follow the packet method. icon_smile.gif

    Got interrupted again and now I'm back studying route(read the ocg and flg yet im still fearing it lol).
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