ASA Firewall questions

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So, i have a few questions about the basis of the asa just to see if i have an understanding of how it functions etc...

The asa uses named zones to distinguish higher and lower security zones by assigning them a name and numbered security level. Higher can move to lower but not the other way around except if there is a certain access list in play that grants it access OR if a vpn is set up.

The global policy is where you instruct the firewall what to inspect and include in stateful inspection, you can add another policy in it if you wish and that will run just like the global policy does.

I' aware that there are many many features that i'm not mentioning which includes context based firewall sections and transparent mode etc... But i'm looking to see if what i've said above is correct as well?

So far as VPN and SSL configuration goes, this is by far the hardest part of asa firewalls that i have trouble setting up for the first time and trying to get right. I have a couple of questions regarding these as well, I have a good understanding of encryption and authentication etc... its the way they're structured that confuse me, for example what is the difference between the group policy and the tunnel group and what are the main steps that are involved in setting up the VPN or SSL connections?

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