Paased N10-006 today

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Passed with an 815/900 - not an easy test.


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    Congratulations!! Without breaking NDA, what exactly made it hard? I am taking it in a week, I feel pretty prepared but you never know.
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    Congrats!! icon_cheers.gif
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    Way to go! What were your study materials, is there anything you wish you spent more time studying?
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    I've heard the exams are coming with more simulations and less written scenarios lately. Was that the case with you? How many simulations did you have on your exam? I also would like to know what you used to study since I am finding most test prep engines to be severely lacking in simulations. I have been using the Pearson Study Guide and the Mike Meyers All-In-One Guide (last 4 chapters mostly) for subjects not covered well in the Pearson book.

    Thanks. Oh yeah, congrats.:D
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    Congratulations! I too would also like to know what resources you used to study and your opinion on their effectiveness.
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    Watch Prof Messer n10-006
    read a book - mine was Mike Meyers all in 1
    I bought Mike Meyers practice exams - 900 questions
    Bought Pearson sims
    Watch Pluralsight n10-006 course
    Did a month on Testout
    Bought Darril Gibson Android app
    Watched Professor Messer videos again
    Bought Professor Messer course notes.

    I was a little over kill, but after hearing how hard the n10-006 exam was over the n10-005, I wanted to make sure I passed.

    I finished the test in 50 minutes, reviewed the flagged questions, and submitted with 20 mins spare.

    I got a 815/900

    It's not an easy exam, do not take it unless you're sure you know all the content.
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    Well, I have watched the Messer videos once, I bought his notes as well. I also *skimmed* the pluralsight videos cause to be honest they kind of suck. Not going to renew. I could get the Meyers book but it seems pretty long winded just to go over the same content I already know. I watched Meyer's videos through lynda, I would really recommend those also. He is actually quite a hilarious dude.

    Thanks for your feedback liz4rd, I think based on the materials you and I used I think I can pass it too.

    Edit: Oh how could I forget CBTnuggets.. Keith Barker was just okay with this series. I far more prefer his others like Kali pen testing and wireshark. The ipv6 one is also really good! I think it's because the material is a mile wide and an inch deep for N+. Not really too interesting, more of a cram test.
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    Congrats on the pass! :D
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    Congratz! Been slacking on studying for this myself. Hearing what everyone has to say about it is not encouraging to study for it either :o)
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    Wow, thanks liz4rd, valuable post! I'm studying for the N10-006 exam with Meyers Passport book, Lammles study guide, and I've watched about 40 of Prof, Messers vids (great delivery). I'm about a third of the way through them all. They each have their strengths and weaknesses. Life "stuff" has slowed my pace a little, hoping to pick it back up this coming week. Thanks to your comments I'm going to push out testing until early January.

    Congrats again on passing, and thanks for the information!
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    Thanks. Taking the test tomorrow ... before the bits start falling out of my head. lol
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    Well, I passed it with a 780 and I finished with almost no time to spare. However, I took my time because I am not the best test taker.

    My available resources were:

    - Pearson Book - Study Guide (6th Edition)
    - Pearson Practice Exams
    - Pearson Simulations
    - Mike Meyers All-In-One Guide (6th Edition)
    - Mike Meyers Practice Tests (900 Questions)
    - Professor Messer's Notes v11
    - 20 years of experience in I.T. (non-networking)

    To be quite honest, I relied heavily on my experience to know a lot of the technical information. However, the Pearson simulations, Mike Meyers last 4 chapters and his practice tests are what I think got me over the hump.

    I also think a bit of luck in what exam content you get versus what you are strongest on from the W-I-D-E spectrum of knowledge required for this exam also plays a part in it. The exam objectives document is 30+ pages long!

    Anyway, this is most definitely not a Microsoft exam where you could cram for a couple of weeks and go knock it out unless you are a savant. There is a lot of information I was strong on that I didn't get a single question on. YMMV. Good luck to you all.
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    Great Work, Congrats!
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