Veeam: msg.snapshot.erro-DISKLOCK

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Hey guys,

So I ran into this lovely error just as I about to go home when Veeam backup kicked off. Apparently I've made the backups so quick, with Quad EC's over Jumbo Frames and QoS, that Veeam was unable to delete the snapshot. Well I thought in v8 the Snapshot Hunter removed this, but it appears it timed out.

I found this blog posting from a few months ago from someone other blogger and maybe this will be helpful to others.

I guess the Veeam Server when you use Proxies, it mount a copy of the VM your making a backup of as a local hard drive on the proxy, if the backup happens quicker than the primary Veeam server can react, such as CPU congestion from other jobs or network congestion, the file becomes DISKLOCKED.

I just delete the mounted hard drives on the proxy server after powering off the VM and the primary Veeam server VM and consolidated. But dam was it annoying, I was unable to consolidate and I was like allout.gifallout.gifallout.gif on a Friday afternoon at 4:55 none the less....

Veeam Error: [Warning] XXX all stuck VM snapshot consolidation attempts have |
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