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Hi guys, I haven't used GNS3 for last few years. Now I want to get back in practice.
Can anyone advise if GNS3 has changed recently? OR what's new software out there I can use to practice virtual lab? I don't have any router image file either. Any help would be greatly appreciated - Thank you.


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    CSCOnoobCSCOnoob Member Posts: 120
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    kohr-ahkohr-ah Member Posts: 1,277
    Depends on the last time you have used it. GNS3 has massively changed. GNS3 has the same capabilities as VIRL (or so I understand). I run routing and switching images on it and it works fine along with ASA firewalls and even practice Python scripting through it.

    Otherwise buy a VIRL subscription and use CISCO's product but read the requirements first as there are RAM, CPU, etc requirements.

    As for images if you plan to use GNS3 then google would be your friend. It is easy to find.
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