How important are the specific US Laws for the CISSP today?

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Hi everyone,

Trying to figure out how deep I should dive. Every current video I've seen mentions that ISC2 are trying to leave the US specific stuff behind. My only concern is regarding the US laws (CFAA, PATRIOT ACT, CSA, GISRA, etc.).

For those who did the test recently, is that something the ISC2 has been asking about? (I know the rest of the domain still remains valid)


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    My experience : Questions were very generic and not specific to any law.But CCCure should help with memorizing the most important ones , My take is the same as everyone.Better to be prepared than lose the exam with 1 or 2 questions.Focus on "Current Issues" with Cloud ie., Data ownership , Privacy laws , Forensic investigation , Why it's getting more difficult to maintain laws with different countries , cultures etc.
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    Thanks for your input, Splash.

    I really didn't like the CCCure questions. They are really inconsistent regarding questions quality and any "all domains test" comes with 60% telecom/network questions. Although I paid for CCCure, I'm using the Sybex/McGraw/Elsevier books test banks a lot more.
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    There's not a crapton in the CBK about this stuff, but know what an IT Security Manager should know such as laws regulating compliance with security frameworks (SOX, PCI-DSS, etc).

    Also EU privacy laws, 4th Amendment, FOIA, legal hold for investigations, chain of custody of digital evidence, etc.
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