Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) Overview

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Hey TE, long time no talk.

So my employer had a limited amount of vouchers for the Certification of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) from the Cloud Security Alliance. The training materials provided are free from the CSA website located here: CCSK Sign-up and Training Materials.

With the voucher purchase you get two attempts at the certificate. The exam is taken on the website and consists of 60 questions for which you have 90 minutes to answer.

Given that the voucher was free, and that I had two attempts, I decided to take the first attempt to assess what I needed to study in order to pass. Well, I actually passed with 80% in about 40 minutes without even studying, so I guess I now have the CCSK. I'd put the exam difficulty somewhere around the Security+ level. The primary domains in the study plan are pretty accurate. The material itself is pretty interesting and insightful, but in my case unnecessary.

Would I recommend it? Probably not, given the current asking price of $345. But I would recommend you look through the training materials provided for the certificate if you have interest in Cloud and Cloud Security.


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