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Long time lurker, first time poster.

For the next year or so I want to get a few certs done - I'll get the list done first for the tldr lot...
Web/Cloud - Cloud+, Puppet (as I couldn't find anything for vagrant/docker/chef), Amazon AWS
Virtualisation - VMware (don't want to pay the cost of a course just to get the cert), Hyper-V (which means the MCSE track)
Linux - RHEL ?
Microsoft - MCSE (private clolud?)
Network - Cisco CCNA & then poss look to do a Juniper cert
Storage - Storage+ I know its being retired, but not really seen alternates / anything that covers it or that anyone can recommend in this area.

...what to do first ?
I self study and tend to buy the books most reocommended fire up my lab rack and crack on until I'm happy enough to take the exam.

CASP/CEH/OSCP as the pen testing appeals to the break/fix tinkering side of things and I can use my existing lab without much new kit. Not as bothered about the Linux/Networking side of things as much as unless you're specialising in those areas. If there's something I'm missing then shout

I'll only bother to get the basic level CCNA/CCNE as a standby if there's nothing else I can find to study as a better understanding of networks and the certs to back it up wouldn't hurt.

Background so there is some context to my conundrum:-

First off I know that I'm not directed enough in choosing what certifcations to go for, but as I have no set path in mind I have tended to just take the certs that were either relevant at the time or it was opportunisitic/peaked my interest.

I've been in IT for 20 years and up until the last 3 years, I've never bothered with certifications per se as a lot of the work that I did was across multiple OS versions and technologies at fairly high/technical levels so I couldn't see the value in doing them (especially as a contractor I pay for everything myself).

My background is application packaging/deployment, SMS/SCCM/Altiris/Opsware/HP SA, OS migrations/deployments (desktop & server), VMWare, Citrix, scripting/automation (together with a little bit of VB & C programming, but not enough to call myself a programmer).

In the past I've also tech PM'ed setting up a cloud based 500 seat call centre, been Infrastructure Manager dealing with DNS tombstoning & an Oil refinery DR due to flooding (thankfully not at the same time), set up, decommissioned and consolodated datacenters and I've done a Migration exceptions role a few times on where when it all comes to a juddering halt, you have to fix it (whatever it may be) PDQ.


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