Citrix Certified Professional – Mobility

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Hi All,

i am looking to take this Exam, What would you guys recommend as a study guide for this Exam.. there a Skill shortage with Citrix and vmware Mobility in around the Area, so i want to make myself more valuable


  • junaid375junaid375 Member Posts: 14 ■□□□□□□□□□

    Do you have any experience with MDM solutions ?
    Do you really need a vendor specific cert for Mobility ? I dont think so.
    I used to be solution consultant for IBM MaaS360 MDM/EMM solution. get a free account, enroll your device, play around with it and you will get good knowledge about MDM solutions, you can easily pass an interview for MDM admin job roles.
    CompTIA Mobility+ is vendor neutral mobility cert. I just pass it this week (even though I am not a EMM consultant anymore, it was on my to-do-list). I think Mobility+ is a good cert for mobility guys.

    All MDM solutions are same, knowing one means you know all. I have tested it by getting hold of an AirWatch portal and I was able to do stuff easily. same goes with Citrix or MobileIron.

    Junaid UR Rehman
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