Question about my home lab and switching

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Good afternoon, doing a little vlaning today with my 2 3560s with my pc and a netbook. I successfully got my vlans and trunk ports configured and talking. The problem is that I lost my management connection from my pc. On my PC I have 1 onboard nic and an dual nic card. I'm using one nic for my vlan (vlan 2) port and the other for my management port (vlan 1). What I think is happening is that my telnet client is trying to communicate on my vlan nic and not my management nic. This would cause the frame to get dropped due to it being on a different vlan. Let me know if that is the correct thinking, and if you know of a solution for getting telnet working with my management switch. Thanks!
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    Just something to keep in mind, there are some NICs that support 802.1Q VLAN tagging, so you don't have to use two NICs.

    In this case, verify IP first. Confirm that the PC and the management interfaces for the switches are in the same subnet. At this level, each device can only have one default gateway, so devices that don't use a default gateway must be on the same LAN.

    Try to ping. Use netstat to see what's going on. Same with a telnet or ssh connection.
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