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I am planning to take CCNA certification. Please suggest me the best study materials for the revised syllabus of CCNA.
Thank you.


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    alan2308alan2308 Member Posts: 1,854 ■■■■■■■■□□
    You can't go wrong with the Cisco Press books.
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    squawk1500squawk1500 Member Posts: 51 ■■□□□□□□□□
    alan2308 wrote: »
    You can't go wrong with the Cisco Press books.

    I'll 2nd that. Also check out packet tracer and maybe GNS3.
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    RealUnitedRealUnited Member Posts: 12 ■□□□□□□□□□
    You should read a Cisco Certified book and do tons of labs on Packet Tracer. You can download free labs on google.
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    GDainesGDaines Member Posts: 273 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I started with "CCNA Routing and Switching Deluxe Study Guide" by Todd Lammle and William Tedder, published by Sybex. I've not looked at what comes on the disc as yet, hopefully some exam sims otherwise I might have been better paying less for the non-Deluxe book. And I've struggled to find 'errata' that ties in with my chapters/pages so on occasion I've had to Google stuff or ask here in the forums to clarify things that confuse me that appear clearly to be errors, but there's only been a handful.

    I then paid about $12 for the "CCNA 2015 200-120 Video Boot Camp with Chris Bryant" on www.udemy.com which I'm using as revision instead of having to continually read. At first I didn't think was helping, but as I work through the videos I'm grasping the odd bit here and there that I didn't really get from the book, and picking up extra little bits to add into my study notes, so overall for that price I think it was a good buy (and I got "CCNA Security 2016 Video Boot Camp with Chris Bryant" course free so that's a bonus).

    I actually bought the official Cisco Press "Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching 200-120 Official Cert Guide Library" too, but I've not even opened it.

    There are different schools of thought regarding simulators like GNS3 and Packet Tracer vs setting up a lab with real equipment. The latter clearly costs more and is my personal choice as there are some things you just can't simulate, but there are just as many people who will argue that live equipment isn't necessary to get certified so the choice is yours.
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