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So ive been studying for my A+ and have a 800 series book. I know the 900 is out now . My question is will my cert look different? As in will it state that i was a 800 and not a 900. I dont want to look "dated" on job applications.


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    No difference whatsoever. Nobody will know you took the 800 or 900 series. The certificate with say ComptTia A+ Certifed ce; the ce stands for continuing education. From looking at the objectives of both exam, looks like the 900 series is going to be a bit harder. You already have the 800 series book, might as well continue studying for that exam. You have until June before it is retired. Good luck.
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    Based on the exam objectives for the 900 series, I'm glad I took the 800 while it was still around. I loved XP and still love 7, so those aspects of the exams were really fun for me. On the flip side I really hate 8/8.1... Love 10 though. But I don't think 10 is covered on the 900 series.

    EDIT: I will note that my organization uses portable touch screen laptops with a lot of hardware inside which run 8.1 and there aren't too many flaws I can find. Just don't run 8.1 on your gaming desktop icon_lol.gif
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    thanks for the info
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