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Just curious, is there anyone familiar with the Jeremy Ciora's CCENT series? Anyone that can tell me whether or not it's organized in such a way that if followed, can cover the topics the CCENT exam covers pretty well? I've been focusing on those videos for most of my studying, worried that I might rely too much on them. I have other material, the "31 Days Before CCENT" book, and still have access to my netacad course. Always learn better through videos like CBT Nuggets does, though.


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    I think Jeremy Ciora is great, he simplifies concepts which make it easier to understand. You should always use multiple sources of training so you will be well rounded for the exam. I also am enrolled in the netacad courses through my university. I plan to take the full CCNA because I rather that than two bourgeois tests. Good luck on your CCENT.
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    SegoviaSegovia Member Posts: 119
    Yes they are very good videos. But you should use multiple sources for studying. Also try to get lots of hands on with cisco equipment or simulators.

    Good luck!
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    I liked the videos, I'd recommend having a lab setup while watching the videos so you can practice what they are going over right when they are doing it.

    Very good instructor on those videos!
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    I feel as if the cbt course is "somewhat" aligned with the Odem book. If someone who was new to cisco or networking I would suggest hitting the video series, as he makes it comfortable and fun. But I also feel to get a deeper knowledge you should go back and read a book after. The video series will defiantly help you understand the content better that just reading the book. My 2 cents.
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