Passed CISSP 12/19

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Made it in my first try with no work experience. Work wanted me able to pass the test, they don't care about the cert that I'm obviously not qualified for.

Read Shon Harris book start to finish, listened to mp3 driving, mowing, walking...and test questions and more test questions

Read Eric Conrad's study guide and 11th hour

Read CISSP Offical Study Guide 7th edition and went through Sybex's and McGraw-Hill's test questions.

Found Cybrary.IT. Kelly does a wonderful job with her videos, downloaded the app, watched them all twice in app and online. Read the power points and switched to Kelly's MP3 from Shon's

Took a 6 day bootcamp then the test the next day. I reread every chapter they went through during the week at every break and lunch, before class and after. This was a lot of hard work but remember I don't have the experience most of you do. So I put in 86 hours of study last week and had been studying since the beginning of June

I was very surprised to see the Congratulations in the printout but it seemed that I could rule-out a lot of the distractors even when I had no idea what they were talking about. If I can do it so can you.

Good luck


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